Things we need from the sellers prior to placing the home on the market for sale:



Listing papers and agency disclosure signed by all owners


Elevation certificate (so that the buyer can get flood insurance)

Floorplan of the property

Upgrades/Improvements list

Inspections (only if it was done recently)

Current Home Warranty / Service Contracts

Insurance amounts for hazard & flood

Seller's Disclosure filled out and signed by all owners.

Seller's Disclosure Form PDF

HOA or Condos fee and what is included.

HOA / Condo Docs - Rules & Regulations Book


Signed Gate authorization for entrance


In a few days: 

Title Insurance

Warranty Deed

Last mortgage statement indicating: name of lender, phone number and loan number.

Forwarding address

Closing instructions:

All sellers local for the closing or will it be a mail away closing?

Wire instructions


Thank you!